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About The Consultancy

As one of Australia's premier boutique food service consultancy firms, The Russolini Group, led by renowned chef Danny Russo, possesses a wealth of experience, innovation, and reliability.

Russolini's core mission revolves around crafting bespoke food service solutions that bring about transformative effects on clients' operations, branding, and financial performance, all while consistently exceeding customers' dining expectations. The guiding principle of Russolini's consulting philosophy centers on an unwavering dedication to comprehending clients' needs and aspirations, enabling the translation of ideas into tangible realities.

Whether it entails pioneering operational strategies for food service ventures or delivering specialized services to elevate and revitalize an establishment's overall culinary and service offerings, Russolini adopts a hands-on, comprehensive approach that prioritizes outcomes and client satisfaction.

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Positioned at the end of the historic Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont, SALA celebrates the very best of waterfront dining in Sydney.


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